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5 Teas Considered as Weight Loss Tea (You Probably Never Knew This!)

You might have tried umpteen methods of shedding fat off your body by now, but did you know that the tea you choose as your go-to beverage could be a defining factor in your weight loss journey? SureSlim has compiled a list for you to select your weight loss tea and start seeing results.

(1) Green Tea

Weight Loss Green Tea

It is impossible to commence a discussion about weight loss tea and not mention the most famous among them all—the Green Tea. Enjoyed already by many across different parts of the world, green tea will touch your heart, mind, body, and soul. Besides a range of health benefits, particularly regarding your cholesterol levels and anti-inflammatory properties, this tea also aids fat burning. Green tea is rich in catechins, which are natural oxidants that boost metabolism and thus impact weight loss. For this very reason, it seems, scientific research has constantly been stressing the effectiveness of this drink as a weight loss tea. Therefore, add green tea to your existing diet plan and you can bet your last quarter, you will not be disappointed.

(2) Black Tea

Weight Loss Black Tea

Renowned for being a beverage that is strong and rich in antioxidants, Black Tea happens to be one of the most popular among tea drinkers all over the world. To explore the effects of black tea on body composition and metabolic outcomes, a study was carried out some years back, which showed that ingestion of black tea over three months seemed to have improved the body weight and body fat distribution among those recruited for the study. Other such researches have also found black tea to be a potential contributor to lowering blood pressure. Little doubt remains about how incorporating this drink as your weight loss tea could lead you to multiple positive outcomes.

(3) Hibiscus Tea

Weight Loss Hibiscus Tea

The one thing that you would want to avoid is opting for a type of tea that is high in calories. Since we know that it is essential to stay in a state of caloric deficit to lose fat, a low-calorie beverage like Hibiscus Tea makes for an appropriate weight loss tea. Similar to the types of teas mentioned above, the ingredients present in hibiscus tea possess the potential to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The vibrant combination of taste and health is sure to delight your heart while enhancing your chances of shedding kilograms. So for a unique and refreshing experience, switch to this drink as your go-to weight loss tea and never look back.

(4) Oolong Tea

Weight Loss Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is quite an under-rated weight loss tea, primarily because it is not as well known as green or black tea. It is being consumed mainly in Asian nations like China for many a year. The fundamental difference between oolong tea and black tea is that the former is partially fermented, whereas the latter is fully fermented. Alongside rich taste, aroma, and flavor, this tea carries vast health benefits also. A study conducted on obese people clarified how advantageous oolong tea was at improving metabolism, aiding fat burning, reducing fat in the body, and thereby demonstrating its power as a weight loss tea.

(5) White Tea

Weight Loss White Tea

White Tea is famous for its distinct flavor and is cherished all around the world. Thanks to its anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it is associated with numerous health benefits, and rightfully so. Catechins, which are present in abundance in white tea, assist in fat loss and promote good health in general. Therefore, we can say that it is not easy to find a weight loss tea as good as white tea.

Needless to say, your consumption of weight loss tea alone will not reduce your weight, but the types of teas we have suggested for you will definitely make your fitness journey convenient. You can gain the results you want with our SureSlim tea; order it today.


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