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Try it before you buy it. Get a 100% FREE sample of SureSlim Tea sent directly to your door.

Please do like our Instagram Profile, Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Samples are first dispatched to those who do it and if we left with quantity, it shall be to those who don’t. However, as mentioned in our Terms, there is no guarantee whatsoever to provide samples as they are limited in quantity and depends on your location/time of submission of form.

Do NOT Call or Message us to seek details or support regarding Free Samples. Our WhatsApp link and phone numbers are for those who wish to Order the products. It’s practically not possible to answer lots of queries regarding free samples. Please note that you may not get samples if you call or whatsapp unnecessarily asking for details.


The product is intended for person with age of 21 Years plus. If you are minor, do not fill the form. If you did, send a direct message (DM) to us on our Instagram.

Fill out this quick form to request your free sample of a SureSlim Tea. Fill in details of the actual usage only. You agree to share correct information with some personal details.

04 Aug 2022 Update: We have paused this program due to large number of pending requests. We cannot fulfill all the requests and therefore pausing this program until further updates. You can however, get the Sample Product by paying just ₹299, which shall also fasten the delivery. Click the link below and enter your correct address, phone number & email address.

Due to the large volume of requests, please give us extra time to fulfil all of the free samples. If you are a serious customer looking to Order SureSlim Tea – we can serve you immediately. Please click the link below and speak to one of our customer service executives and have a sample rushed out:

It’s important that you know the product which you purchase and that’s 100% natural and taste good as well. We are so sure about our Weight Loss Green Tea SureSlim that we offer it’s Free Sample Products. As a potential consumer of Green Tea SureSlim, you do not need to pay anything, not even packaging and courier fees in India. Our courier partner will not ask you for Cash on Delivery (COD) as well and deliver the free product sample to you without asking for cash or card payment. In case for any reason they do, you can deny the same or you can contact us and we will take care of the issue on priority.

Free samples are available only while supplies last. Limit 1 per household. Samples will ship to you as soon as possible. You can expect to receive the sample within 2-4 weeks. We currently send samples in India only where our courier partners can delivery them. Samples are just to give taste to the product and not to gain the actual benefits. Form with incorrect, incomplete or misleading details and information will be ignored without any reply or sample. Valid email, phone and address is required. You agree to allow us to use these details for marketing and training purposes. We could also share these data with our consultant partner to offer their addon services. Please like, follow and subscribe our social media profiles to keep encoring us to offer samples. Thanks!

What’s the Main Reason that You Should Not Leave the form without Requesting Free Sample Products?

  • First and foremost reason is that you will not get this opportunity with other products in the market. The free sample products is not offered by majority of products and you should not leave this opportunity at all while Green Tea SureSlim is available.
  • The second reason is that this program may not going to last forever or there could be a reason in future, which force us to pause or stop this program in future. So before, we do so, you must act now and opt for free sample products.
  • By filling a simple form and like, subscribe and follow our social media profiles you are not going to loose anything. It cost you nothing – not even one paisa. Rather you will remain in touch with a wonderful and effective product.
  • When you got a working, effective and safe products delivered directly at your door step, you have the opportunity to consume it and try the taste. That way, you could recommend the product to your dear ones and also purchase it by placing your order from our e-commerce website or from Amazon India.
  • We are so sure about the quality of our products that we are offering free samples and considering that the consumers are so intelligent that they must try it as early as possible.

SureSlim is offered by BlessedTea® India. Support is for Paid Order only. Do NOT Call/Message for Free Samples.

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